Annotating an article

Skim quickly through the piece before annotating to get a general idea of the information it presents. On your second read, note important ideas such as the thesis and significant terms by placing a star next to them or underlining them. Emphasize the most important ideas by highlighting these phrases or sentences or using double-underlining or multiple stars. Circle words that you need to look up to learn definitions. Indicate each section's point by writing labels in the margin such as "introduction" or "examples," and write brief summaries or key terms to explain what paragraphs or sections cover, such as, "causes for dropping out" followed by a specific list: "money, time, family." If questions such as "Are there differences among majors?" come to mind, jot them in the margin to give you ideas you can follow up on for essays or further reading. If the concepts remind you of course material or personal experiences, make a note in the margin so that you can use that information to help understand class concepts or in narrative essays. When you finish reading, look back through your notes to ensure that they make sense to you.

In the comics, Jesse’s obsession with John Wayne stems from a few different places. When Jesse’s father fought in the Vietnam War, Wayne visited his platoon and every soldier a custom lighter with “F*ck Communism” etched into, the very light that Jesse carries around with him. Later still, after seeing his father die, Jesse is watching a John Wayne movie on television (specifically McLintock!, the same movie seen in the episode) when John Wayne himself reaches through the TV and starts talking to Jesse. Wayne follows Jesse around throughout the comics as sort of his guardian angel or imaginary friend, offering guidance and pushing him along when he needs it. It’s a shame that’s not happening on the show, but they’re working around it well enough. There is another nod to Wayne later when we see the type of cigarettes that Jesse smokes: Pilgrims.

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Annotating an article

annotating an article


annotating an articleannotating an articleannotating an articleannotating an article