Bored of studies drama essays

100 Random Things About Me

1. I'm wearing short sleaves
2. It's 31 degrees F outside
3. I'm tracked out
4. I'm not a good speller
5. I love pickles
6. I love saying pickles!! Pickles Pickles
7. I can't stop thinking about purple gorillas
8. My shirt is yellow
9. I haven't brushed my hair today
10. I've lived on 2 different continents
11. Nonone ever prononces my middle or last name right
12. I had a dream I was bald
13. My cat keeps sitting on the keyboard
14. I've never been to Antartica
15. My house is white
16. My hair is brown
17. My eyes are blue
18. I pressed the red botton
19. I like chocolate
20. I visited Michagan for Christmas this year
21. I have a wii
22. I got a new bed yesterday
23. I have a little brother
24. My little brother is in school
25. It was sussposed to snow today
26. It didn't snow
27. I had hot chocolate today
28. I've watched someone eat a flying ant
29. I hate raisins
30. I love macaroni and cheese
31. I have a HP mini
32. My front yard has no grass
33. My friend got a dog Monday
34. I like soccer
35. I cant't do a cartwheel
36. I am tall
37. I've been to London
38. I like rollercoasters]
39. I lost a tooth on New Years Eve
40. I'm barefoot
41. My hair is straight
42. My science teacher is on maternity leave
43. We've had 6 different science subs
44. I love chocolate
45. I had a barrito for dinner yesterday
46. I got charged by an elephant
47. I lived
48. I like whales
49. I'm almost halfway through
50. I'm halfway through]
51. I've seen the White House
52. My room is purple
53. My house has two floors
54. I like pizza
55. I want to see the Blindside
56. I don't like riding horses
57. I've always wanted to ride a dolphin
58. I've had to get stitches
59. I fell frow a swing and was knocked out
60. I've never brocken a bone
61. I haven't gotten the swine flu
62. I wish I lived near the beach\
63. qwertyuiop
64. My couch is tan
65. I like lime green
66. I want to visit Hawaii
67. I don't need glasses
68. My ipod is lime green
69. My cat finally left
70. I've driven a moter boat
71. I've driven a sail boat
72. I've swam in 3 different oceans
73. The room I'm in is blue
74. I woke up at 9:36 today
75. I like Indian food
76. I wear size 6 and a half shoe
77. I once had a bowling birthday
78. Our gacuzzi leaks onto the dinning room table
79. I started on a time capsule today
80. I type sorta fast
81. I dindn't finish my breakfast
82. I haven't eaten lunch
83. I'm hungary
84. One night the top bunk fell on me
85. I'm wearing jeans
86. I like Disney world
87. I like chocolate
88. Last night I couldn't fall asleep
89. I went to my friend's house yesterday
90. I'm almost finished
91. I tryed the red botton thing
92. I x-ed it out after a while
93. I like smothies
94. I've never seen a penguin
95. I hate anchoves on pizza
96. I like ranch dressing
97. I like to read
98. I like to watch movies
99. I have a red bike
100. I'm DONE and I'm not as board!!!!

Felecia Jul 20 2015 8:37 pm I rate this Drama 5 Stars! I watched 20 episodes within 4 days! I watched the final episode this morning and now I wished that I had watched one a day! Even the song that played through each episode 5 star! Acting 5 stars!;Writing 5 stars! EVERYTHING 5 STARS! A memorable drama that had me laughing, crying, excited, cheerful, tearful, mysterious and so much more!!!! 2 thumbs up, and I can see myself giving this an standing ovation! !!!!!! I would like to see these same cast of people working together in an second time on Secret Garden 2 before the kids and ending with a wedding with his mom there realize that true love is best!!!!

Bored of studies drama essays

bored of studies drama essays


bored of studies drama essaysbored of studies drama essaysbored of studies drama essaysbored of studies drama essays