Cell phones and society essay

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If there is a 50% decrease in new workers being born, the cell phones are causing large percentages of the workers to leave town, and the only fertile female in the whole hive, as well as the hive's maintenance itself, and all the male drones, rely on the fleeing and not being replaced worker bees, that spells out death for the colony. I've hung out with people that lived less than a mile from a cell phone tower before, annoying high pitched tweaking sound all hours of the day, cicadas in the area sound more like chain saws than normal cicadas, animals like chickens acting like some one broke their legs and trying to swim on the ground, and extremely high rural crime rate/mental illness rate. I'm inclined to believe there is something wrong with these towers. Plus if you look at the colony collapse time line in the United states it almost perfectly lines up with the adoption of the g3 towers. (Look up cell phone time line history for cell phone advancements and cross it with the cases and frequency of colony collapse in America, looks like a positive correlation to me). Bees use a few different methods of communications, including reading ultra-violet signals on flowers invisible to the naked eye, I can see how EM waves could be crossing their communications style and causing issues. Also of note is the colony collapse disorder's effect is usually to have the queen and the babies present (indicating it isn't a pathogen), but the workers having fled and no new children being born. Which is what this article and other studies have pointed to. *sigh*

MacDonald said the school will analyze feedback from the experiment and use it to adjust its permanent cellphone policies for the next academic year. Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Twitter Facebook Google+ Share LinkedIn Reddit Email
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  1. This is a ‘no-brainer’. Of course, cell phones should not be allowed in class, specifically during class time. There should also be confiscation and punishment applied … no if’s or but’s.

    Cell phones and society essay

    cell phones and society essay


    cell phones and society essaycell phones and society essaycell phones and society essaycell phones and society essay