Essays on out out by robert frost

Then there is this human view about other individuals’ concern which the author developed towards the end. The older men are blamed for not showing concern about the boy’s affair in work. They were not scared of seeing a small boy doing men’s work. Since they are older than the boy they should have advised the boy to take a break or to go home and rest since it was past working hours.  They may also have advised him to go back to school and further his education. This view is further elaborated by the information about the soldiers’ attitude and the way they detach themselves from emotions. They continue killing despite seeing the death bodies around them. The same way the older men continued with their work despite seeing the way the boy was perishing (dying), “ And they since they were not the one dead turned to their own affairs”(Robert Frost, 2008). This is the negative view of human kind towards the lives and well being of others.

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Essays on out out by robert frost

essays on out out by robert frost


essays on out out by robert frostessays on out out by robert frostessays on out out by robert frostessays on out out by robert frost