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The absence of transcendent affirmation in Night involves the creation of a new kind of protagonist—not the tragic hero of past literatures but the survivor, the sufferer. As Terrence Des Pres argues in The Survivor: An Anatomy of Life in the Death Camps (1976), the survivor chooses life, even on the unbearable terms of the persecutor, rather than death, which might redeem or ennoble him in the eyes of his audience. For Wiesel, survival, even with its terrible burden of guilt, denies the perpetrators a victory and allows the survivor’s testimony to be handed on to posterity.

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The author cleverly uses the historical events as major plot lines in the novel. Willie is evacuated because London was too dangerous with its threat of bombing raids, and this is emphasized both when Tom goes to find him and cannot believe the difference between the city and the country, and also when Zach and his family are killed in the worst bombing raid of the war this far. Building an Anderson shelter is a bonding experience for Tom and Willie but also a necessary part of the war effort for the people at the time. The war meant that men were called up to fight, and often killed on action, such as George's brother; the men who did return home, such as Geoffrey, were often not the same as when they left. With each event that happens in the novel the author cleverly tells the reader more about wartime England and the lives of those living through it.

Essays questions night

essays questions night


essays questions nightessays questions nightessays questions nightessays questions night