Essays world population distribution

Population density is a very broad concept and requires analysis in conjunction with other social and economic factors. Using case studies, discuss this statement in relation to an evaluation of the impacts of population growth.

In an effort to mitigate such a threatening problem, the French government had to remove all contraceptive products off the market, extend maternity leaves up to 40 weeks with full income and subsidize each family until their last child's 18th birthday. With this policy in place there was some hope for the French Government because persons started to have more children which would bring about a long term benefit where the country's population density would as shown in the following population pyramid.

Anti-natalistic policies on the on the other hand discourages population growth hence lowers population case study that could be used is China's One Child Policy. The high birth rate in the 1950's was in response to the then philosophy that a "Large Population gives a Strong Nation". At the same time death rates were falling due to improvements in food supply and medical care. However 1959 and 1961, this period coincided with the Great Leap Forward where more emphasis was placed on the manufacturing industry and less on farming. The devastating result was that you had famine where approximately 20 milllion persons died, IMR rose and birth rates fell. This was still not enough because during the 1960's approximately every three years China's population incresased by 55million (the same as UK's population at that time). Such a rapidly increasing population posed a threat to the Chinese government because they didn't have the finances to support such a large population. So in 1979, the state decided to introduce an One Child Policy where they took a "carrot and stick" appproach in an effort to achieve a TFR of . The carrot approach was that if you have one child, the benefits would in...

Essays world population distribution

essays world population distribution


essays world population distributionessays world population distributionessays world population distributionessays world population distribution