Jon krakauer into the wild essays

Although the letter was indeed cited in 1884, it did not first surface then, and its “actual text” does not remain “in some doubt.” Most correspondence from Brigham Young was copied immediately after it was produced and before being sent. The copies—equivalents of today’s photocopies—were made by pressing the original inked letters between wetted pages of a bound book of onion skin. The moisture caused fresh ink from the originals to seep into the onion skin, creating mirror images of the letters. A perfect mirror image of Young’s famous letter is right where it should be in Brigham’s 1857 letter press copybook. It is a contemporaneous copy and was available to and used by the prosecution in the trial that led to John D. Lee’s conviction and subsequent execution in the 1870s.

The book 'Into the Wild' is based on a true story of  Christopher J McCandless, a well educated and able young man from a good family who chased after his dreams and ambitions.

After graduating from Emory University, Chris gave the balance of his education saving account to Oxfam and disappeared from society to live the life of a recluse and venture into territories where not many have dared. He gave up. of course, his family and friends in doing so.

The book tells the story from perfect strangers he met, his adolecence, his adventures and failures leading to his untimely passing. The book also gives you examples of other adventures that have similarities to Chris as well as the author who can relate to Chris's passion for life.

It is a great book and a great story that will inspire.

Into the Wild was published in 1996 and spent two years on the New York Times bestseller list. It was written by Jon Krakauer (pictured above right) who wrote the original article on the story in 1993 for Outsider magazine where he gained much of his popularity. You can read more about this article here.

Krakauer was a mountaineer introduced to the 'sport' by his father at aged 8. He had a driving ambition like McCandless as well as a love for nature and the outdoors. He too spent some time in the wilderness alone and climbed Alaskan mountains as well as Everest which was the focus of his book Into Thin Air. Krakauer is quoted as saying about his own adventures that "I got away with it. Chris didn't. That's the only difference."

Krakauer went to great lengths to write Into The Wild as accurately as possible visiting places that McCandless had been, interviewing family members, friends, colleagues and others somehow involved in the story. He has said that he was obsessed by the story and researched it for 3 years before it was finished. At one stage he said he had a 'lead' from someone in Arizona, so he got into his pickup and drove from Alaska to Arizona to meet this person.

Krakauer also visited the 142 Magic Bus where Chris was found with Bille and Walt McCandless (Chris's parents) 10 months after they had been informed of his death.

Krakauer had formed a strong bond with the McCandless family and in fact Carine trusted him the moment she met him. It is through this bond that Krakauer gave 20% of his royalties to Chris's parents Walt and Billie, who in turn established a foundation in their son's name, called the Christopher Johnson McCandless Memorial Foundation. This foundation has made donations to countries as far away as Cambodia. Bille has been quoted as saying that they want to reach out to children and help them and their families.

Carine has started an annual fund raising event called the Chris McCandless Memorial Run on Saturday, October 13, 2013.

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Jon krakauer into the wild essays

jon krakauer into the wild essays


jon krakauer into the wild essaysjon krakauer into the wild essaysjon krakauer into the wild essaysjon krakauer into the wild essays