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The Graduate College is responsible for promoting quality graduate education at Florida Atlantic University. Working in conjunction with the university Graduate Council, Faculty Senate, and the individual college deans, the Graduate College works to develop university-wide graduate plans and policies to ensure that academic standards are maintained. In addition, the Graduate College is responsible for coordinating graduate recruitment efforts, processing graduate student admissions, facilitating graduate programs and workshops, ensuring university policies are followed, distributing tuition benefits to graduate assistants, awarding fellowships, certifying all degree requirements are met for graduation, and awarding graduate degrees.

Although the letter was indeed cited in 1884, it did not first surface then, and its “actual text” does not remain “in some doubt.” Most correspondence from Brigham Young was copied immediately after it was produced and before being sent. The copies—equivalents of today’s photocopies—were made by pressing the original inked letters between wetted pages of a bound book of onion skin. The moisture caused fresh ink from the originals to seep into the onion skin, creating mirror images of the letters. A perfect mirror image of Young’s famous letter is right where it should be in Brigham’s 1857 letter press copybook. It is a contemporaneous copy and was available to and used by the prosecution in the trial that led to John D. Lee’s conviction and subsequent execution in the 1870s.

Make thesis banner clickable

make thesis banner clickable


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