Refelction essay

It is also in the body where your realizations or reflection should be written . The realization should be about your thoughts. It should be easy since there is no researching unlike when you are writing an informative essay. The realization may be based on the effects. It may also include whether you think the effects of the incident is good or bad. It may also include what could be worse or better that happened. It may also be about the lessons you learned or from which readers could learn. You may also discuss the benefits you got or what you have lost because of that particular experience.

In applying a client directed outcome informed approach (Duncan, Miller Sparks, 2004), the caller is recognised as the 'expert' on their problem. A relationship (rapport) with the caller cannot be established without first listening and seeking to understand the caller's issues from perspective, while valuing and respecting their position. Change is driven by the caller and it is important that their ideas about options, management and change are explored. The need for empathy and caring and the ability to reduce the callers stress while providing an opportunity the caller to speak openly regarding their problems is paramount.

Refelction essay

refelction essay


refelction essayrefelction essayrefelction essayrefelction essay