Rules of quotes in an essay

The above-quoted list of steps for “How to create a social state” is another example of a political attempt to tie the names of Saul Alinsky with those of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. But the list is not something taken from the actual writings of Saul Alinsky, nor does it even sound like something he would have written (., the line about “controlling health care” is anachronistic for his era, and the idea of “increasing the poverty level as high as possible” is the very antithesis of what Alinsky worked to achieve). This list is simply a modern variant of the decades-old, apocryphal Communist Rules for Revolution piece that was originally passed along without attribution until Alinsky’s name became attached to it (presumably because someone out there thought it sounded like something Alinsky might have written).

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Rules of quotes in an essay

rules of quotes in an essay


rules of quotes in an essayrules of quotes in an essayrules of quotes in an essayrules of quotes in an essay