Tips for writing a better sat essay

Part of creating an eye-catching headline could be using some of the strong adjectives/verbs mentioned in tip #14. So, for example: Kill Your Spammy Backlinks - Before it's Too Late! or here's a good one I came across recently that I would definitely categorize as eye-catching:  How Google Glass ruined my lunch hour The goal is to create something that feels, at least to some degree, out of the ordinary. It's hard to give examples because a headline can be eye-catching for many different reasons - because of word choice, punctuation, sentence structure, etc. I hope that helps!

Doing the same thing in the same way creates a pattern that helps a reader follow along. 

On this page I've used a parallel structure for the tips. Each one is written as a command. I used the imperative mood (the command) because these tips are vital parts of writing. I used it in each case  because that creates a pattern your brain picked up by the time you reached Writing Tip #3. 

If I had changed Writing Tip #8 to "Details are important," your brain would have registered the shift in structure and for a moment would have flickered away from what I want you to do: 

keep reading, 
accept these tips, 
use them, 
become a stronger writer, 
sell lots of books, 
advance the general quality of written English in the world.

Human brains love pattern. Give your reader's brain a pattern and your ideas will come through like sunshine through a window. Your reader will 

keep reading, 
take you seriously, 
recommend your book, 
change the world...

Be consistent with the facts; then be consistent with the expertise as it matches the facts; and finally do not overstate your opinion – the conclusions should follow your analysis. To the best of your ability, try and stay away from the “lingo of your profession” as the Justice who is hearing your case will not understand and explaining every word on the stand is stressful even for experienced experts. There will be “stress” when testifying as that is what cross examination is all about from a lawyer’s perspective.”

Tips for writing a better sat essay

tips for writing a better sat essay


tips for writing a better sat essaytips for writing a better sat essaytips for writing a better sat essaytips for writing a better sat essay