Urban and rural life in pakistan essay

In England an NHS patient is defined as rural if they live more than  km (1 mi) from either a doctor or a dispensing chemist . In Scotland a different definition of rural is used. This is important for defining whether the patient is expected to collect their own medicines. While doctors' surgeries in towns will not have a medicines dispensary instead expecting patients to use a high-street chemist to purchase their prescription medicines (in Scotland collection not purchase, as prescriptions are paid by the state), in rural village surgeries, [10] an NHS medicines dispensary will be built into the same building.

The Post-Kaiser survey focused on rural and small-town areas that are home to nearly one-quarter of the . population. These range from counties that fall outside metropolitan areas such as Brunswick, Va. (population 16,243) to counties near population centers with up to 250,000 residents such as Augusta, Va. (population 74,997), close to Charlottesville and the University of Virginia. Urban residents live in counties that are part of major cities with populations of at least 1 million, while suburban counties include all those in between.

Though the stunning property requires constant attention, these heritage-loving home-owners have now set about restoring an old orchard as well. Additionally, they regularly host outdoor summer gatherings , tend large vegetable gardens, grow herbs and care for two miniature horses, five chickens, a rooster and two dogs. All the while Kent refinishes and creates custom furniture, and Cynthia runs her decorating business from the house’s top floor. Needless to say, life here can get hectic. “But even on the busiest days,” says Cynthia, “Kent and I find time to walk the horses and dogs through the pasture while the sun sets over the valley.” Which is exactly how we envision all of BannockBurn 1878’s decades of occupants spending their evenings.

Urban and rural life in pakistan essay

urban and rural life in pakistan essay


urban and rural life in pakistan essayurban and rural life in pakistan essayurban and rural life in pakistan essayurban and rural life in pakistan essay