Writing your senior thesis

The ERWC is more important than ever now that the CSU is discontinuing the English Placement Test for fall 2018 and ending its current system of remediation. Academic preparation still matters! The CSU will continue to rely on 11th grade testing (CAASPP/Smarter Balanced), as well as ACT and SAT to identify students as ready, conditionally ready, and not yet ready, and conditionally ready students can still demonstrate readiness by completing an approved ERWC course. Those who are not yet ready will be required to participate in a credit-bearing Early Start course during the summer before enrollment at a CSU and may have the option of a one-year “stretch” first-year composition course. All our data indicate that better prepared students graduate more quickly and in higher numbers, and ERWC remains one of the best ways to equip students with that preparation.

Memoir writing is an important form of creative expression for older adults which is vital for seniors to stay engaged and involved in their lives.  Anyone can begin by keeping a journal and a pen handy and by jotting down thoughts and memories you have during the day.  If you’re interested in learning about memoir writing or finding local classes, there is a world of resources and help online. You can also attend our upcoming May 23 workshop on memoir writing for seniors as part of Hebrew SeniorLife’s College of Retirement Living to get started with the help of esteemed memoir writing coach, Michelle Seaton.

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Writing your senior thesis

writing your senior thesis


writing your senior thesiswriting your senior thesiswriting your senior thesiswriting your senior thesis